Midweek Mix, Volume 8

by Joli
Joli's Midweek Mix

Ah, Wednesday, how I love you. The Midweek Mix is a fun break! I’m sitting here (it’s Tuesday night) watching Chopped on Netflix while I type up this Mix. Is anyone else obsessed with this show? It’s just so gosh darn fun. ANYwho, let’s dive into my (mostly) bookish links!

Book Mail!

We Are As Gods

Do you remember the Midweek Mix where I told you that The Lit Hub has a daily giveaway? Well, shortly after I shared that, I won one of the giveaways!! Huzzah! In fact, it’s the same book that I shared a giveaway screenshot of in my post. Was that fate or what?? I’m not a huge nonfiction reader, but this book sounds really interesting. I’m excited to have this on my shelf! Now, go enter today’s giveaway!

Mel’s Woods Adventure


Once again, referencing a previous LQ post…remember when Mel posted her 5 Books for Quitting Your Job to Move to the Woods post? Well, she really did quit her desk job to move to the woods for the summer. Fret not, though! She’s not disappearing. In fact, she’s blogging about her experience on her new blog, one precious wild life. Give her a follow!

What Should I Read Next? The Podcast

Modern Mrs. Darcy's Podcast

Modern Mrs. Darcy has a podcast! I haven’t listened to it yet because I just found it, but this sounds really fun! Here’s how she describes it:

It’s called What Should I Read Next?, and the idea came from the literary matchmaking series that used to run on this blog. In that series, readers would tell me 3 books they loved, 1 book they hated, and what they were currently reading, and I would recommend 3 books for their TBR list.

What other bookish podcasts are out there that I haven’t found??? Let me know in the comments please! Make sure to check out the podcast!

A List of Bookish Identity


Read, Think, Ponder is a wonderful book blog I’ve shared before, and I found this fantastic post this week. CW shared with us a list of books about finding and owning your identity. I love this subject, so I’m adding many of these from her list onto my TBR list! Go check out her list.

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