2019 Bookish Goals: A Brand New Year of Bookishness!

by Joli

Happy New Year! We hope you had a wonderful holiday season and are ready to jump into 2019 with both feet. Here at LQ, we’re busy making our bookish plans for the year ahead. The one huge prevailing goal a bunch of us have: read the books we own!

Check out our plans and please share yours with us in the comments!


I love setting bookish goals! It gives me clear focus for the year ahead. For 2019 I would like to…

  1. Read more and write more. I set a Goodreads goal of 50 books this year and was barely able reach it. However, I know I went through quite a few slumps this year and feel that I can reach a higher goal next year. Also, I’d like to write more book reviews and book lists on my blog and LQ.
  2. Read more classics. There are quite a few classics I have had on my “bucket list” that I would like to get around to reading. Sometimes I feel pressure to read newly published books, but there will always be new books coming out. I’d really like to knock out some books I’ve wanted to read for years.
  3. Read more of my shelf. Even though I’m pretty good about donating books I’m done with, I’m bad about not reading books I purchased with the intent of reading. I go to the library so often, there always seems to be something better to read than the books on my shelf.


I didn’t set a very high bar for 2018 – only to read 18 books. I doubled that and then some reading more than 40 books so far this year!

In 2019, I am going to set a goal of reading 30 books. Some of my other hobbies have taken up more of my time lately, and other personal goals will most likely prevent me from reading as much so I’m hoping this will stretch me and keep me motivated! Additionally, I need to “up my game” on Goodreads and keep better track of my reading. I go in streaks but need to be more diligent overall!

My last bookish goal for 2019 is to donate some of my books in some capacity. Whether that’s to the public library, a free little library on the street, to friends, family, or whoever is in need of some good books…I want to find loving homes for titles that I’ve enjoyed but are sadly collecting dust in dark corners of my home.


For 2018, I focused a lot on quantity. 2016 was the year that I “got back into reading” after my college hiatus, and 2017 was the first year I tracked what I was reading AND joined LQ. So it made sense that in 2018, I was out to blow the previous years out of the water. And I absolutely did. I read over 75 books this year, and I have #noregrets. A note though: it’s funny, that the more I read, the more I WANT to read: my TBR list is still over 350 books long…

But for 2019, I want to be more intentional. I think we all do – regardless of what that looks like. My intention is to read more of what I select as (hopefully) high quality writing, which I intend to select based loosely on the list of “1000 Books to Read Before You Die” mixed with non-fiction/developmental reads and fiction titles that rate very highly on Goodreads, are ALREADY ON MY SHELF AT HOME (seriously, at last count it’s over 40 books that I have never opened – I’m a bit of a book hoarder), and/or are well received by other reviewers, such as the ladies here on LQ!

Overall, I’m pretty excited. 2019, here we go!


I love thinking about the new year like having a clean slate. Obviously that’s not the way life really works, but it’s nice to have some extra help with inspiration, and the new year provides that. So, here’s what I’m hoping for my bookish life in 2019!

  1. Balance my time between caring for my baby girl and the things I need to do for myself (like reading and writing here for LQ). It’s been hard so far to have a schedule that includes reading and writing time, but it’s something I’m really seriously working on, because I need to make that time for myself to do what keeps me a person outside of being a mom.
  2. I want to at least try to read one book per month that I own but haven’t yet read. I hate that I have such a big collection of books I’ve never even cracked open!
  3. I’m intentionally not doing a number-of-books-read challenge this year. My priority is momming, so it’s just a “read as much as possible” challenge instead.


  1. Re-read my favorites – I’ve never been a big re-reader, but I’ve been saying for the past few years that I’d like to pick up some of the books I’ve loved and bought specifically so I could read them again. I think it would be fun to reconnect with the stories and feature them with a recipe on my blog, since I read them well before that ever existed.
  2. Read my shelves – This one sort of fits nicely with my previous goal, but I also want to focus on the myriad of books I own that I’ve never read before… Like Rachel (below), I have heaps of used books I pick up at various sales, but I also have a growing stack of Book of the Month selections that I need to read.


Here are my bookish resolutions!

  1. Read books I own – I have a tendency to buy loads of books at library book sales and used bookstores, but then often read more books that I borrow from the library or download from Scribd! I have a massive collection, so I’d like to dive into my own books this year more than I have in the past.
  2. Read more nonfiction – The nonfiction genre is vast and full of unique books that I know I’d love. Yet, I always turn to fiction when trying to decide what to read next. If you have any recommendations – send them my way!

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