What is Literary Quicksand?

by Joli
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Literary Quicksand is a brand new community of women readers and writers. Or at least, that’s what we hope it will become!

Have you ever tried to choose a book to read based off of Amazon reviews? That’s what our founder, Joli, was doing when she had the idea for Literary Quicksand. Having no idea what those reviewers like or don’t like in a book, it’s impossible to decide whether you’ll have a similar opinion! So, here at Literary Quicksand, each contributor has very different likes and dislikes when it comes to books, and we’ve put it all out there on our profiles. We’d love for you to read them and get to know us!

Our name comes from those books that you sink right into and can’t stop reading. They suck you in like quicksand…literary quicksand.

The hope is that we’ll grow a community of readers, writers and commenters who love books of all sorts. Basically, we want to be a big online book club! So, join us by commenting, sharing and submitting. Let’s live our lives bookishly.

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Jorie February 29, 2016 - 8:44 pm

Hallo, Hallo LQ bookish souls!

🙂 I happily discovered you via your nod of a wink on Twitter – which I must say is one of my favourite ways of discovering the bookish & geeky, as in combination with the book blogosphere, it’s where everyone likes to ‘hang their hat’ and meet n’ greet each other in an engaging community of like-minded souls! Hence why you’ll see me ducking inside wicked sweet bookish chats and selectively making my route through the book blogosphere! FYI: I’m following you via Bloglovin as this is my preferred way of reading blogs via RSS! Learnt the hard way about storing these blogs in my browser! :O Ack!

Love the purpose and mission behind your lovely blog – I think its a brilliant way to encourage bookish convos amongst those of us who are addictively wicked happy to find our next ‘unputdownable’ reads! (i.e. in LQ terms ‘literary quicksands!’)

I love stories which captivate me so wholly immersive into their characters’ lives I feel as if I have to pull myself through extraction to leave their timescapes! It’s such a wonderful feeling to find authors who write the stories which leave etched impressions on our minds and hearts!


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