Getting Book Mail is the Best Thing Ever

by Joli

Is there anything in the world quite as satisfying as book mail?

Book of the Month Club

I recently was provided with a free month from Book of the Month club in exchange for a review of their service. For the most part, I try not to buy myself too many books. I know, I know, I don’t know how I have the self control! Mostly, I read books from the library, after waiting far too long for all the people ahead of me in the list to read them. The library is my happy place, though, so sometimes I just stroll along the isles, swiping my fingers along rows of books until one catches my eye.

At any rate, I was crazy excited when the box above showed up on my doorstep. Because, books! Of their March selections, I had chosen Queen of the Night by Alexander Chee. I’ve had my eye on it since before it was released, so I was crazy excited to get it.

And here’s what it looked like.

Book of the Month unboxing

It came with a huge and awesome temporary tattoo, plus a card from the person who selected that particular book to be a March selection (Liberty Hardy, in this case). They have five selections each month chosen by their judges, and you agonize over which one you’d like to have sent to your door, because choices are hard. Especially book choices.

Book of the Month Club

WAIT WHAT?? Yep, I took Queen of the Night out of the box to find another book!! They sent me two 😀 The Nest is an April selection, chosen by guest judge Ellie Kemper. The books are printed with the BOTM logo on their jackets, which I found neat – makes it feel even more exclusive club-like.

I have to admit, they did a pretty good job of pulling me in. I enjoyed how the books are packaged, that I got a sweet temporary tattoo, and that I can be introduced to some amazing reads this way. If you pay for a year all at once, it’s about $12 per book, which seems like a pretty freaking good deal for a hardcover book plus shipping.

Besides, as a book blogger, I have to be on the up-and-up about awesome books right? I mean, I pretty much have an obligation to sign up! :]

Do you indulge yourself in book purchases? What’s your favorite thing about book mail? Where do you buy your books?


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Mel April 11, 2016 - 5:32 pm

Getting FREE book mail is the best! I unexpectedly won a DoubleDay Chatterbox ( last month. It was like my birthday when it arrived in the mail! (photo: It’s definitely not a book I would choose on my own, so it’s fun to dive into something completely different. And all of the little themed objects are really fun to enjoy, too. Hooray for book mail!

Maggie April 13, 2016 - 6:32 am

I’m so grateful for this post! When you told me you had tried it I had made a mental note to circle back and ask you what you thought of it. Book of the Month club pops up in my Facebook and Instagram ALL.THE.TIME. I’ve been hesitant to try it but, you’ve sold me.

Amber April 15, 2016 - 11:01 am

I am hooked after receiving my first book of the month club book this week. It’s so fun and it encourages me to try new genres/authors that I wouldn’t normally gravitate to. 🙂

Joli April 16, 2016 - 9:14 am

Agreed! Although I think making the choice will be hard each month – there are multiple that sound really good! I have a feeling my list of books to read will expand exponentially with other titles from BOTM.

Holly Barnes April 15, 2016 - 4:10 pm

Gorgeous pictures! Book mail is the best. I think my highest book mail day was 5 packages at once. My kids are always so jealous because the packages are for Mom and not them! Of course, they’re used to it now. My reviewing dropped last year and I haven’t been accepting as many requests, so my book mail days have lessened. They’re still exciting when they come though! And reviewing has made it difficult for me to purchase books, because I’m so used to getting ARCs for review.

Joli April 16, 2016 - 9:20 am

Thanks 😀 5 at once?!? Hellooooo book mail heaven! I’m a fan of NetGalley for ARCs but I still just love having the real book in my hands.


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