Top Five Books I Reread [Guest Post]

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Top 5 Books I Reread

Are you a person who rereads? The following is a guest post by fellow book blogger (and rereader) Julia DiGeronimo. Meet her at the bottom!

I’m a chronic rereader.

When I read a book that has me feeling 100 emotions at once, I can’t help but reread it. Sometimes, I’ll restart a book as soon as I finish it.

I’ve tried to figure out why I’m constantly reading the same book, and I guess there are multiple answers.

One is the characters. If you like to read, you know what it’s like to meet a new character and instantly fall in love. When I find a new character I love, I need to go back and reread every scene they’re in, and sometimes, that means the whole book.

Another reason is the fluff scenes that only last a page or two long. An interaction between random characters or a sweet moment between friends, I have to reread it. Sometimes, they’re the smallest moment hidden in one paragraph in the middle of the chapter, so it’s easier to start the book again to find it.

Three, and maybe my main reason, is for the romance. I’m a sucker for a romantic scene. If there are cute scenes between the main characters, I will 100% be rereading every scene where they interact.

As a chronic rereader, some of my favorite rereads are oldies I keep going back to. Here is an obscure list of the top five books or series I love to reread.

A Taste of Gold and Iron by Alexandra Rowland

This queer fantasy was my top read of 2023. This book had all three of my reread rules. The characters are addicting, the fluff scenes made me swoon, and the romance was top tear. I found myself rereading this book for the slow-burn scenes between the two main characters. | Amazon | Goodreads

A Little Life by Hanya Yanagihara

A Little Life

A Little Life is brutal, but a necessary reread. When I embarked on my first reread of this excruciatingly sad book, I picked up on things I missed on my initial read. This book doesn’t have much romance, but the four main characters have strong stories you want to read. | Amazon | Goodreads

Sarah J Maas Books

I reread Sarah J Maas’s books for a handful of reasons. One reason are her characters. Whenever I read a new SJM character, I instantly want to know more about them. SJM’s ability to create complex and compelling characters has me constantly rereading her books. Another reason is for nostalgia. I started reading SJM when I was 16, and any time I read her books, it feels like a trip down memory lane. | Amazon | Goodreads

Red, White & Royal Blue by Cassey McQuiston

Red, White & Royal Blue is another book with all my reread requirements. When I first finished this book, I immediately reread it. This book is filled with soft scenes between the two main characters that I had to keep rereading. I loved how those small moments illustrated the characters’ love and affection for each other. Like SJM books, this book feels nostalgic when I read it, and I always find myself picking it up when I need a comfort read. | Amazon | Goodreads

Six of Crows by Leigh Bardugo

Now, this book is one I read specifically for the characters. I’m a sucker for brooding characters that give nothing away, and Six of Crows has one of the most famous ones. I read this book when I need a dose of Kaz Brekker – one of the main characters. Six of Crows is another nostalgic read, but I also love how it explores friendships and chosen family. I love books that focus on the character’s different relationships, and the friendships in this book have me always rereading it. | Amazon | Goodreads

Thanks for reading my list!

Meet the Author: Julia DiGeronimo

Julia is a freelance writer and book lover from New Jersey. She posts book reviews and other articles on her blog.

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