Review: The Colors They Shared by Talia Madden

by Joli
The Colors They Shared: Children's Book Review

This is a very sweet story. Thanks so much to the author, Talia Madden, for sending The Colors They Shared to my daughter and I! Read on for my review.

The Synopsis

The Colors They Shared is a poignant story about friendship, creativity, and compromise. Six classmates make it their mission to brighten up a once-loved school treehouse. There’s only one problem: each friend wants to paint the treehouse in their favorite color, and they can only choose one! What color will they paint it? This refreshing and sweet story is a lesson in finding a way to work together despite our differences.

My Review

I’ve read The Colors They Shared with my 3.5-year-old daughter multiple times now, and we both thoroughly enjoy this one. I love the creative thinking aspect of the story, especially since it’s a whole group of kids that takes it on. They have to think critically to solve a problem, AND do it together.

I also love that, as each child shares his or her favorite color, the reasoning behind that favorite color is shared. It’s about how they experience that color in their own lives, and what makes it special to them.

Overall this is a sweet story with a great message. The art is bright, colorful, and artistic, and it features kiddos of a spectrum of ethnicities and skin colors. The only thing I can nit-pick here is that I thought a couple of the sentences were a little bit long/complex for kids. Otherwise, it’s all greatness. Grab this one for a kiddo in your life for sure!

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vnee April 15, 2022 - 8:12 am

Seeing the hard cover of the book, I was very curious about the contents, because I thought of recommending it to my nephew who is still a toddler


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