What We’re Reading This Week

by Joli

We made it to Wednesday! We’re trying a little something different this week and chatting about what we’re reading about here on Wednesday, instead of Monday. Here’s what we all have our noses in on this hump day!


I dusted off my Amazon Fire and started reading The Wild Woman’s Guide to Traveling the World. This year, I made it a goal of mine to travel more, so I am really excited for this one. I’m also reading Dark Matter – it’s this months pick for the girly book club! I’ve already listened to it on audio, but I’m going to read the print version and compare notes (loved the audiobook!).


I´m reading The Weight of Ink by Rachel Kadish. It’s about the discovery of some important papers from the 17th century London Jewish community, as well as the creation of those papers back in the 1600s. This book is one of the few novels I’ve read with a split narrative that actually keeps you interested in the characters of both time periods. It’s a long read, but beautifully written and I like it so far.



I’m currently reading The Atomic City Girls by Janet Beard. It’s another take on women’s lives during WWII – this time with their involvement in the Manhattan Project. I’m excited to share some thoughts on it in a review on Thursday! All my historical fiction lovers, come back and check that out!

Also in my book bag is Beartown by Fredrik Backman. While I’ve heard nothing but good things about this book, another family recommendation got me motivated to request it from the library. Can’t wait to start it this week!


My read this week is The Annie Year by Stephanie Wilbur Ash. It circles around a small town accountant in Minnesota, who embarks on an affair that shakes the town. Last week’s read was an English translation of Brida, by Brazilian author Paulo Coehlo. Read it if: you’re looking for something spiritual, are confused in love, or want some pagan magic feel in your reading! Finally, my next check outs at the library will be Crazy Rich Asians by Kevin Kwan (audiobook) and Alias Grace by Margaret Atwood (in preparation for bingewatching Season 1 on Netflix :D).


I just finished Tana French’s In the Woods. It’s a murder-mystery that takes place in Ireland. Three children go missing in the woods behind their neighborhood, and only one emerges. He can’t remember what happened and his friends are never found. Fast forward, and the surviving child is a detective in the investigative murder department. A girl is murdered in the same neighborhood as the children who went missing, and the detective must work to keep his personal connection out of the investigation. I really enjoyed it. It was a little long, but towards the end, I couldn’t put it down.

I picked up Beneath the Scarlet Sky by Mark T. Sullivan literally this morning. It’s historical fiction based on the author’s interviews with a World War II survivor from Italy. We’ll see how I like it as I’ve been burnt out by WWII books for about five years.


I’m in the middle of Dunbar by Edward St. Aubyn. It’s a part of the Hogarth Shakespeare Project, which I’ve been reading my way through as they come out. This one is a retelling of King Lear. I don’t think it’s going to end up being my favorite of the Hogarth series, but not my least favorite either. It’s pretty good!

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