TBR Mix n’ Mingle – March 2020

by Joli

Hey, March! We’re seeing some glimpses of spring around here in the upper Midwest, and I have to say, I can’t wait for some warmer temps coming in this month. And with a little luck (pun intended), we can all get some quality reading done this month!

Welcome to our March 2020 TBR Mix n’ Mingle linkup! Check out what we have on our lists for the month below.

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I am having a terrible time reading physical books right now due to severe time restrictions, so I’m hoping for March to get a few audiobooks in, including Less by Andrew Sean Greer and Stay Sexy & Don’t Get Murdered by Karen Kilgariff & Georgia Hardstark.

If I do get a chance to put my hands on a physical book, it will definitely be something sweet and light… I’m taking suggestions!! Let me know in the comments below if you’ve read something great recently. My TBR list on Goodreads is holding fast at about 400 books, so I feel that I’m doing well, all things considered!!


I’ve got a couple of things on my reading list for March.

The first one is called A Prison in the Sun by Isobel Blackthorn. It’s a crime thriller set in Fuerteventura (in the Canary Islands). A millenial ghost writer moves into an old farm house to find his muse, but instead he finds a backpack full of cash. As he struggles to decide what to do with it, Trevor unravels the harrowing true history of a concentration camp that in incarcerated gay men during the 1950s and 60s on the island. I have high hopes for this book, but I think it could be quite an emotional read.

My other book is Pine by Francine Toon. It tells the story of a small village in the Scottish Highlands and follows a woman and her tarot cards on their quest to discover the truth behind her mother’s disappearance a decade ago. Its blurb says that it’s a thriller slash modern gothic story so I’m hoping it won’t be too scary!


I am trying to come to terms with the fact that as much as I enjoy making TBRs for myself…I am not always so good about sticking to them. However! Here are my books I for sure will be reading in March:

Before We Were Yours by Lisa Wingate
This is for book club. I don’t know much about it other then that Book Depository boldly added the subtitle “The absolutely heartbreaking summer read of 2019”. I am keeping that box of tissues reeeal close!

White Bird by R. J. Palacio
This is a graphic novel and actually by the time this post is published will probably have finished it. However, I wanted to share because I am really enjoying it. R. J. Palacio wrote Wonder – which if you have NOT read yet please DO. This children’s graphic novel is about the grandmother of one of the kids in Wonder and her story growing up in Nazi-occupied France during World War II. R. J. Palacio is very good and making you feel all the FEELS and this book has been no exception so far!

If I would stop requesting every book that catches my eye at the library I might also begin:

Les Miserables by Victor Hugo
My mission for 2020 was to start tackling the 73 (now 72 since finishing The Goldfinch!) unread books currently sitting on my shelf. Les Mis is HUGE – 1432 pages in fact. I have started it before and never did finish, but I took a peek at the Goodreads page for Les Mis. Nobody bothers to review the thing, they just post “I MADE IT.” It is the Mt. Everest of books and one I have aspirations to summit as well!


I’m happy to say I’ve ramped up my reading recently. I was in kind of a slump for some reason, but I’ve been pulled out of it by some great books!

In March, I’ll be reading Vox, which is my book club’s pick. It has really mixed reviews and isn’t a genre I typically love, so we’ll see what happens. LQer Megan reviewed it here and gave it four stars, so that gives me some hope that I’ll enjoy it!

I’m also hoping to read About Grace by Anthony Doerr, the author of All the Light We Cannot See. I loved ATLWCS so much, I thought I’d check out Doerr’s work before he published that one. He also has a collection of short stories called The Shell Collector – I may have to request that at the library too!


I didn’t quite follow the reading plan I set up for myself this month, but I’m still enjoying the books I have gotten to read! I finished up a re-read of I Miss You When I Blink, one of my absolute favorites that lifts me up each time I read it. Now I’m reading Mary Oliver’s collection of essays Upstream, which I’m taking slowly so I can fully appreciate how she uses language. I also am reading my first Abbi Waxman book, Other People’s Houses and hope to finish it this month.


I’m sad to say I entered into a bit of a reading slump in February that I’m hoping to fix this month! Whenever I get into a slump, I find that easing back into reading with shorter books and graphic novels is a great cure. That being said, here are a couple books on my March TBR:

Palestine by Joe Sacco- This is a graphic novel about Sacco’s experience in the West Bank and Gaza from December 1991 – January 1992. He really goes into detail on the Palestinians’ experience and humanizes them, which is extremely important seeing as Arabs as a whole are a group of people the media tend to demonize. As a Middle Eastern woman myself, this one is very important to me.

Furiously Happy by Jenny Lawson- I’ve already started listening to this audiobook, and I’m loving it! I like to balance out my heavier reads with something light and fun, and this is perfect for that. I’ve never seen a writing style quite like Lawson’s- at once whimsical, nonsensical, and deeply personal. She somehow manages to delve deeply into her battles with depression while keeping the tone funny and light. I can’t wait to keep listening on my next drive!


The Grace Year by Kim Liggett is high on my TBR for March. I won it in a bookstagram giveaway last month and I know the person is excited for me to read it! I keep hearing it’s riveting, so I just need to dive in and get started. I haven’t read a whole lot about the plot, except that it’s a YA dystopian feminist type thriller!

Also on my list is The Two Lives of Lydia Bird by Josie Silver. You may have heard of her from One Day in December, a popular Christmas/wintry read. I liked that book but didn’t love it. So far, I’m a few chapters into Lydia Bird and enjoying it a lot more. It’s a fascinating look at what would happen if you could live an alternate life with a loved one who’s alive in that timeline.

What are you planning to read this month?

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Deborah S March 16, 2020 - 9:11 am

Loving this book list! When I read the title ‘Stay Sexy and Don’t Get Murdered” I laughed out loud! My curiosity is definitely piqued! I recently finished a super fun and sexy read from Lori Matthews called “Break and Enter” (Book #1 in the Callahan Security Series) and the author’s debut novel. It was SO GOOD and I thought it was a really clever and unique twist on the whole “will they won’t they?” focus. Alex is a modern day Robin Hood ( An Asset Repossession Specialist Extraordinaire), she “steals” from people who kept something that rightfully belongs to her clients. Her most recent target is her ex who kept a painting that belongs to her. Little does she know that he’s hired a private security firm with a very charming and handsome team leader, Mitch. Their initial interactions are full of humor and sarcasm and I couldn’t put the book down because I had to see their relationship develop. I cannot recommend this enough and I can’t wait to read book 2! (https://lorimatthewsbooks.com/)
Hope you and your readers will check it out (maybe I will see it on a future list!)


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