Book Review: Regency Therapy by Lisa H. Catmull

by Becky

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The Summary

My publisher invited me to attend an all-expenses paid writing retreat at the posh new Hartfield Regency Resort in Loveland, Colorado. Carole isn’t nice like that—there must be a catch.

There is. His name is Ryder Hawk, the outlaw leader of the all-male Western writers who work for the same publishing company. He thinks he’s agreed to attend an all-expenses-paid week at a dude ranch.

Yeah, no. Carole has other ideas. She wants to break into the cowboy romance market. If I want to renew my writing contract, I have to do more than put up with Ryder and his gang of cowboy cronies for a week. We have to write together.

The problem is, Ryder and I have a history.

And it’s more like war than peace.

Why I Chose This Book

I admit it. I love a good romance novel. I also love historical fiction and have read my fair share of Jane Austen. So, when presented with a sweet romance novel that featured – ironically – a historical romance novelist who is visiting a Jane Austen inspired resort, I was intrigued. Expanding my reads to more modern stories has also been a goal for this year, but the setting sealed the deal. Loveland, Colorado is close to where all of my in-laws live, so I have come to know and love the area. I always enjoy being familiar with a location so I can truly imagine the character in the space.

My Review

I devoured this book; couldn’t stop at “just one more chapter” and the pages seemed to fly by. The writing was engaging, the banter was exceptional, and the plot moved with a good pace which I like in my more casual reads. I might have enjoyed a bit more character development and descriptions to balance out the dialogue, but really, my only complaint is that there wasn’t more about Britni and Axel!

Let me back up a moment. This is the second book in a trilogy, and Britni and Axel were some of the primary characters in the novella that set the stage – Matchmaking Therapy. Being the good student I am, I read that before reading Regency Therapy and was SO disappointed when the story cut off heading into book two! Catmull does a wonderful job mixing the characters from the first book into the second…I was just invested in their story and wanted more!

All of that to say, Regency Therapy was a fun, lighthearted novel that poked fun at its own genre while also creating a compelling story that left me eagerly awaiting the third book in the series! (Coming out the end of May 2023 if you’re interested!)


Grab a copy of Regency Therapy and throw it in your suitcase – this is the perfect summer vacation read for romance fans that don’t want to be caught blushing in public. There are “swoon-worthy” moments to be sure, but nothing racy or hyper sexual; the romance is developed primarily through dialogue and inner monologue. The main characters do change with each book in the series however, so if you’re like me and get attached to characters, keep that in mind when you pick up this title!

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About Lisa H. Catmull

Lisa H. Catmull is the author of sweet contemporary and historical romances. Popular series include the Jane Austen Vacation Club and the Seasons of Sugar Creek.

Her books have been nominated for Swoony, RONE, and Whitney awards.

She earned a Bachelor of Art in English from Dartmouth College in New Hampshire and a Master of Education in Elementary Education from Utah State University in Logan, Utah.

Lisa taught Middle School English and History for seven years before pursuing screenwriting and writing.

She currently lives between a canyon and a lake in Utah with her husband, two cats, and two rambunctious children.

Connect with Lisa on Goodreads, Instagram, Facebook, Pinterest, Twitter, YouTube, and her website.

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